send_to_dest_copy_local::init. Cannot open source file

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send_to_dest_copy_local::init. Cannot open source file

Post by irishj » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:04 pm


Runnng into an issue with the "send to dest" functionality n TVMosaic. Running on Ubunut 19.10 - Latest TVMosaic .deb

I've successfully recorded a program to the default recording locaton of "/opt/TVMosaic/RecordedTV".

The default "sent to dest" functionality is "convert" to convert to mp4.

When a conversion occurs, a 0kb file is created in the destination.

Checking the log, I'm seeing the following error :

2019-Nov-05 21:49:16: send_to_work_object::worker_thread_function. Init destination for 88b75306-443c-40eb-b8b7-bfa308615a4d (/opt/TVMosaic/temp/65e20fbd-4460-4c0d-a278-53db17a844bd/481d64a6-801b-4527-a32d-9be75d8c60b9)
2019-Nov-05 21:49:16: [E] send_to_dest_copy_local::init. Cannot open source file /opt/TVMosaic/temp/65e20fbd-4460-4c0d-a278-53db17a844bd/481d64a6-801b-4527-a32d-9be75d8c60b9
2019-Nov-05 21:49:16: send_to_work_object::worker_thread_function. Worker thread finished (88b75306-443c-40eb-b8b7-bfa308615a4d)

This is the important part -- Cannot open source file /opt/TVMosaic/temp/65e20fbd-4460-4c0d-a278-53db17a844bd/481d64a6-801b-4527-a32d-9be75d8c60b9

The directory "/opt/TVMosaic/temp/65e20fbd-4460-4c0d-a278-53db17a844bd" exists, but the last part of the path; ie. "81d64a6-801b-4527-a32d-9be75d8c60b9" there is no directory with that name.

FFmpeg appears to pick up the correct file path..

external_control::start_process. Executing /usr/local/bin/tvmosaic/data/common/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -i /opt/TVMosaic/RecordedTV/New American Pickers-20191105.ts

Anyone know why it's looking in "/opt/TVMosaic/temp..." for recordings to convert ?

Thanks !

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