"Send To" files are being displayed upside down and tilted

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"Send To" files are being displayed upside down and tilted

Post by robtheone » Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:29 pm

I just noticed that all of my recordings that are being played outside of TVMosaic are being shown upside down and slightly tilted. Running TVMosaic Build 17611 on Windows 10 PC . A couple of days ago I made an addition to my "Send to" settings by adding a new "send to" option, but I was unable to choose the destination directory in the UI. It won't allow me to select any folder, except for C:/recovery. .So I set it to C:/recovery then went into the send_to_settings.xml to update the location to the correct folder on my C: drive. It worked fine when I tested it, but now ALL of my files created using the "Send to" feature get created upside down and tilted.

I have deleted the additional "send to" that I created, and the XML file is back to the way it was before, however all video files are still being created upside down.

No errors show in the log during the send to file creation.

Any ideas on why I can't choose a folder in the UI or why my videos are being created like this? Log fie and photos attached.
Send to Upside down and tilted.JPG
Video files in MP4 format upside down and tilted
Send to Upside down and tilted.JPG (306.09 KiB) Viewed 351 times
Send to Settings.JPG
"send to" settings
Send to Settings.JPG (72.58 KiB) Viewed 351 times
log file
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