(xmltv) EPG websites, services and links that work with TVMosaic and TVMosaic Live!

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(xmltv) EPG websites, services and links that work with TVMosaic and TVMosaic Live!

Post by Oberon » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:17 pm


25 euro/year. Rich EPG data for the next 14 days plus personalized TV program recommendations for DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland), Denmark, Netherlands and UK

1 - 4 euro / month depending on the subscription. High quality EPG data for a number of countries.

Free. Provides reasonable quality EPG data for a number of countries.

Free EPG for DACHLI and Nordic in xmltv format. Requires some skills with tv_grab tools to set up and use.

15 euro/year. Easy to set up and use multicountry (~800 channels) xmltv EPG.


AUD 3.99 / Month. XMLTV only EPG data feed from IceTV for Australian TV channels.

Free. Provides EPG listings in xmltv format. You must register to receive a personalized link to the data.


Free. XMLTV listing for 28 French TNT channels, reasonable quality content.

US and Canada

USD 30 / year. Television Listings Data, sources from Gracenote, for the US and Canadian TV channels.
Can be used with TVMosaic as xmltv link:

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Re: (xmltv) EPG that works with TVMosaic

Post by Oberon » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:21 pm

This topic contains EPG sources that work with TVMosaic.

Please, write to this topic only to report an EPG source. Once the EPG source is included into the list, the original topic will be deleted.

Please, no discussions here - all discussions will be deleted.

Thank you for your contribution and understanding!

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Re: (xmltv) EPG websites, services and links that work with TVMosaic and TVMosaic Live!

Post by Maverickz » Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:15 pm

FREE EPG data from zap2it.com or tvGuide.com for US and maybe other countries. I don't know which countries this works in but it for sure works in the US.

1. Go to Zap2xml and download zap2xml-install.exe (windows) or zap2xml.pl (non-windows). You can find it about half way down the page, just below the Donate button. Run the installer and install Zap2xml.
2. Create an account with either zap2it.com or tvGuide.com (I personally use zap2it.com)
3. Once you create your account, make sure you choose your zip code and OTA channel listings on the zap2it web site.
4. Once zap2it lists all the channels in your area, go though the list and click the STAR for the channels you actually want to get EPG data for.
5. In the folder where you installed zap2xml, create a blank text file and name it UpdateEPG.bat (make sure the extension is .bat not .txt)
6. Edit the UpdateEPG.bat and add the following lines.

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zap2xml -o epg.xml -u YOUREMAIL -p YOURPASSWORD -d 3 -S 1 -D -A "new live" -E "amp apos quot lt gt" -F
7. Change the YOUREMAIL and YOURPASSWORD to the credentials you used to sign up on the previous websites.
8.The number after the lowercase -d is how many days of data to retrieve, I suggest testing this with 1 then later change to how many days you want.
9. Use Windows Task Scheduler or a chron job to run this batch file periodically.

Notes on using Windows Task Scheduler to run this batch file.
For some reason Windows Task Scheduler cannot run any bat file directly from the "Program/script" field in a task. Putting the path to any bat file here will ALWAYS fail.

What you have to do is put "cmd" (without quotes) in that box. This tells windows to open a command prompt window. Then in the "Add arguments (optional)" field add the following line (be sure to change PATHTOBATFILE to the correct path:)

Code: Select all

/c start "UpdateEPG" /min "C:\PATHTOBATFILE\UpdateEPG.bat"
Finally since we want to make sure the output file is in the same directory, add the path to the bat file without the bat file name to the "Start in (optional)" field.
Your "Edit Action Screen should end up looking like the attachment. That will allow you to run bat files from Windows Task Scheduler.
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Re: (xmltv) EPG websites, services and links that work with TVMosaic and TVMosaic Live!

Post by moe122 » Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:38 am

M3U playlist editor & EPG

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