Problem with CAM module

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Problem with CAM module

Post by BartZorn » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:48 am

First of all, sorry, this (slightly) off-topic. But I hope that somebody can give some useful information.

I have some problems with my CI/CAM/Smartcard configuration. All my internet searches sofar gave me only some fora which seem dead for four years or more.

I have a CAM which is sold by CanalDigitaal in the Netherlands. It gave me lots of stability problems, When I finally decided that the CAM might be the problem, I ordered a DeltaCAM Twin. The stability problems were solved.

But... It seems that smartcard updates from CanalDigitaal are not processed when I use the DeltaCam. When I put the original CAM back in, the smartcard update does get processed, and I can use the DeltaCam again.

I use the latest Python firmware in the DeltaCam, V2.23, which is dated from 2018. The help link on the download site does not work (already for several months), so it is hard to find more information. For instance: what is the difference between the Cobra and the Python firmware?

Can anybody give more information please?

Thanks and regards,

TVMosaic 1.0.0
Digital Devices Cine S2 V7 with DuoFlex CI
DeltaCam Twin CAM with CanalDigitaal smartcard
Kodi 18.6 with DVBlink PVR client V 4.7.2
Core i3-7100, 8 GB

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Re: Problem with CAM module

Post by Plantje » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:07 am

I think the CAM allows basic communication and that's it. I don't think you can enable the processing sof updates. But I am not sure m.

You can also check Even if you're not using kodi

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