If TvMosaic is finished, what next ?

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If TvMosaic is finished, what next ?

Post by Homer » Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:32 am

15 Nov 2020: The forum is back online ?

Since the demise of TvMosaic, I have tried many other Windows tuner solutions, and they were nowhere near as good as TvMosaic. Is TvHeadend on a Linux pc the only way forward ?

Plex - Couldn't find my TBS tuners. Deleted.
Kodi - Painful. PVR plug in hell. Deleted.
Emby - I do have a running Emby server, but I keep it on a separate pc.
Mediaportal - Where did all of my time go ? What a faff. Deleted.

Presently TvMosaic is still working, but Win10 shows it crashes daily. I am one Windows update away from it failing :-(
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