Stuttering playback on tvOS client

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Stuttering playback on tvOS client

Post by t33j4y » Wed Jul 29, 2020 12:37 am

I've been trying for almost three weeks to get an answer on my submitted ticket (#71165, if anyone from support is reading this), so now I will try here to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

I am experiencing stuttering playback on Apple TV 4K. It looks like it happens every 2-3 seconds - the stream pauses for 1/10th of a second.

I think I have narrowed the problem down to playback on Apple TV 4K (latest official IOS - 13.4.6) using the TV Mosaic app (1.6.0). When I refer to discontinuity errors, it is when monitoring using TVMosaic Channels -> Scan tab and click on Monitoring button.

I've now tested four scenarios:

1. Live TV using TVMosaic app on Apple TV 4K
2. Live TV using TVMosaic app on Windows 10 PC
3. Playback of a recording using TVMosaic app on Apple TV 4K
4. Playback of a recording using TVMosaic app on Windows 10 PC

Both HDHomeRun, Apple TV 4K and Windows 10 PC are on the same network, connected by wired connection (1Gbps) to the same switch.

Live TV (scenario 1 and 2)
I start watching live tv and monitoring the channel in the background

Scenario 1 (Apple TV 4K): The channel strength and quality both report 100% there is intermittent discontinuity count rise in the order of 2-48. Stream visually breaks up on TV.
Scenario 2 (Windows 10): No issues at all - streams without problems

Playback of a recording (scenario 3 and 4)
I start a playback of a recording. Since this is playback from TVMosaic server, the channel monitoring didn't make sense.

Scenario 3 (Apple TV 4K): The video stream stutters at regular intervals 2-3 second intervals
Scenario 4 (Windows 10): No issues at all - plays back without problems

Conclusion so far:
The Apple TV 4K seems to be where the problem is located. I have other streaming apps (Netflix, local Plex server and some TV provider apps) and they do not exhibit this behaviour, so I am inclined to think codec problem rather that network problem. But I have no controls that I can modify on the TVMosaic app or the Apple TV 4K :-(

Is anyone else experiencing this - and has anyone found a solution?