Developing a MediaPortal 2 client - Some problems...

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Developing a MediaPortal 2 client - Some problems...

Post by morpheus_xx » Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:18 am


I am currently developing a MediaPortal 2 client for TV-Mosaic. I already made some good progress: can access channels, epg and partly handle schedules. I have implemented live tv as well, but here I am facing some issues.

When I use "raw_http_timeshift", the stream playback starts correctly. I can stop the stream correctly. I can change channels correctly.

In contrast, when I use "raw_http", I have problems:
  • Streams do not always start playback
    Stopping often hangs
    Starting a new channel hangs
To give some more background about the technology:
MediaPortal 2 is an application developed in C#. The media playback is done by DirectShow, here a LAV splitter is used as source filter and LAV video + audio codecs.

The issues seem to be related to the kind of http streaming. When the DirectShow graph hangs and I stop the tvmosaic service, suddenly the playback starts inside MP2 (as long as there is buffered data).

Playing back the stream in VLC works though.

If you are interested in code, it's developed by me in this branch: ... saicClient

Any help would be very appreciated!

I have attached the tvmosaic logfile for following steps:
  • Stopped tvmosaic service
  • Clear logfile
  • Start tvmosaic service
  • Playback of first channel from MP2, stream starts
  • Stop first channel
  • Try playback of 2nd channel from MP2, stream does not start
Then the service logs this line, but nothing happens
2019-Oct-05 11:21:35: CTSStreamWaiter::ProcessStream. Found first not encrypted packet. Start streaming
  • I stopped the tvmosaic service, playback inside MP2 shortly starts

Thank you,
Log file, 1 success, then hang
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