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Genre Mapping file for EIT Genre

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:05 am
by tehax
I want to repeat a feature request from Datalux78 in old DVBLink forum which was not answered.
"As WMC is dead, a lot of people switched to Kodi. Kodi uses EIT-Genres. XMLTV has no support for EIT-Genres. I realised that DVBLink is already mapping some plaintext-genre to EIT-Genre based on the settings in xmltv_categorymap.xml. But I have no idea how to edit the xmltv_categorymap.xml to get all my plaintext-genres translated to EIT-Genres. Can you give me a hint, how to do that? Is there a way to define a EIT-genre in the xmltv_categorymap.xml and set my plantext-genres as keywords? Or how are the "old"-WMC-Flags mapped to the EIT-Genres?"
Quotation end.
For now i use a xmltv file from clickfinder tool to import my individual edited epg data into Kodi. I would use TV Adviser but i am very unhappy with the TV Adviser genre. For example has the series "Madam Secretary" five genre: Nachrichten, Information, Politik, Serie and Drama. Kodi shows this as: "Nachrichten / Tagesgeschehen". On the other side Kodis epg handling is also not ideal.
Finaly my request is to have an option to edit, organise or to add the genre so that Kodi read them correct. Or at least to have an option to save the TV Adviser epg data into xmltv format to edit the file like i want with an editor tool.