How to Remove phantom database entries for deleted TV recordings

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How to Remove phantom database entries for deleted TV recordings

Post by freddy » Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:43 pm

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Please forgive me if I am teaching people how to suck eggs, but I thought the following might be useful for anyone who has a problem with phantom TV recordings listed in their TVMosaic database for which there is no longer a media file on disk. This was exactly the issue I was faced with tonight and it was impossible to remove them by deleting recording using the normal method (they kept reappearing on refresh). The solution I eventually found was very straight forward.

Note I am not a geek (just a normal product user and you do this at your own risk) I have no further knowledge to impart beyond what follows

The TVMosaic database is apparently a SQLite DB file

If you go here and download the appropriate version of the SQLite browser for your operating system (I used the portable Windows version) Its free.

Take a backup copy of your database file (this is vital in case anything goes wrong)

Make sure you have no recordings imminently scheduled to start

You will have to stop the TVMosaic service to edit the database

On my Synology NAS the database file is named recorder_database.db is located in a share called tvmosaic/recorder_database

For other systems locations see here ... data_files

Run DB Browser for SQLite

Select "Open Database" and browse to your database file and open

Select the Browse Data tab

In the Table drop down field select "Completed Recordings"

I have attached a screen shot to this postings (see below)

Identify the phantom recordings and hi-light the line (blue bar appears) and select "Delete Record" (top right)

Repeat this step for each line featuring a phantom record

Once all desire record lines have been deleted select "Write Changes" (next to Open Database tab) and then exit program.

Restart the TV Mosaic service and hopefully your phantom recordings should have disappeared from the TV Recordings list.

Good luck
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