TVMosaic products

TVMosaic live and recorded TV products for Desktop/NAS/Raspbery Pi
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TVMosaic products

Post by Oberon » Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:59 pm

Please, welcome our new TVMosaic product set!

Please read the text below and, especially, notes carefully.


TVMosaic product set consists of
  • TVMosaic: free desktop product for live and recorded TV
  • TVMosaic Plus: paid product with extra functionality
  • Regional TVAdviser products: rich EPG and personalized TV recommendations
These new products have been developed with a goal to make them simple - simple to install, to understand, to use and to maintain. Products retain best DVBLink features and make them even better.

The main changes, comparing to DVBLink, are (but not limited to):
  • New software architecture, making product faster and resource efficient
  • Single installer, no separate products. It is all-in-one product, where its different parts can be activated if needed.
  • Fully functional free basic desktop product immediately after install, without activation (functionality, comparable to DVBLink Player)
  • No web browser access. Instead, TVMosaic has a desktop applications for Win/Mac/Ubuntu/Debian to configure server and to watch TV
  • Combined product for all sources - e.g. DVB, IPTV, File etc. There is no need to install extra products for different TV sources
  • New configuration UI with wizard for channel scan
  • Support for channels of different DVB standards on the same tuner, albeit not at the same time
  • No Windows MediaCenter support
  • No Dreambox support
  • No separate "DVBLink EPG Loader for xxx"-like products support
  • Largely improved IPTV playlist support (tags, automatic epg mapping, logo, automatic favorites etc.)
  • From smart plugins - only dvbjcam is supported, but then - on all x86 based platforms (including Win, Mac, Ubuntu and compatible NASes)
  • Completely reworked paradigm of selected and merged channels. There is no more extra step for channel selection. All scanned channels will be automatically available, but can be hidden. Likewise, all channels are automatically merged by server if scanned from the same provider. The benefit - much easier maintenance on channel changes. The downside - channel merge between tuners of different DVB standards is not supported anymore.
TVMosaic Plus vs. free TVMosaic product

TVMosaic Plus can do everything that free TVMosaic product does plus:
  • Stream/recordings access from remote system (including mobile apps)
  • Full program EPG (free version limits EPG to date/time/name/description/episode name)
  • Timeshifting support
  • Channel logos
  • SendTo functionality
  • Smart plugins support
  • Transcoding
  • DLNA
  • xmltv support with custom EPG channel assignment (xmltv for IPTV works in free version and has to be assigned from IPTV tuner settings)
Some practical information
  • This RC is available for Windows (32/64 bit, Vista or higher), MacOS (HighSierra), Ubuntu (16.04 LTS 64 bit or higher / Debian 9 or higher), Raspberry Pi (PI 2 or newer) and Synology (DSM5.0 or higher), QNAP (QTS 4.3 or higher) and ASUSTOR (ADM3.0 or higher)
  • To set up TVMosaic on Raspberry Pi or Synology/QNAP/ASUSTOR you need a TVMosaic desktop installation. Start TVMosaic application and select a required TVMosaic server from the list of network servers.
  • Windows installation: use enclosed bat files to install/update the product. Although there are separate installers for 32 and 64 bit Windows, server itself is 32 bit executable. The player application is either 32 or 64 bit, depending on install.
  • TVMosaic on Synology/QNAP/ASUSTOR does not include any USB tuner drivers. On QNAP/Synology product works out of the box with TVButler/HDHomeRun/IPTV/SAT>IP. For Synology users the package can also use USB tuner drivers, included with Synology VideoStation.
  • TVAdviser cannot be activated in this RC. TVMosaic Plus functionality is available as trial, which will be constantly prolonged as RC continues.
  • Recording database format is back/forth compatible with TVMosaic. If coming from DVBLink, you may replace TVMosaic's dlrecorder.db with one from DVBLink and change the recording path accordingly. TVMosaic should pick up the DVBLink recordings and schedules automatically. Do not forget to stop TVMosaic server before copying database. And, in any case, save a backup copy of the database first!
  • TVMosaic may run alongside DVBLink (of course, tuners cannot be used at the same time)
  • There is no configuration restore from DVBLink (TVMosaic installation and configuration has to be done from the scratch)
  • Kodi users: use DVBLink PV addon. Port number is 9270 (see note on ports below)
  • Note for products, which use DVBLink Remote API to talk to DVBLink Server. There is a change to the DVBLink Remote API: dvblink_channel_id is now a String instead of Long. Please adjust it in your products. Changing it to string is backward compatible with DVBLink.
  • There is no monitoring funcitonality yet. It will be added a bit later.
  • iOS/tvOS apps will be released later
  • TVMosaic uses ports 9270 (command interface) and 9271 (stream)
  • There is no user/password/https functionality yet. All communication with TVMosaic server happens in clear.
  • XMLTV link for IPTV source has to be entered in IPTV source settings for automatic matching to work properly
User accessible folder

- Windows in C:\ProgramData\DVBLogic\TVMosaic\data
- Ubuntu/Debian: /opt/TVMosaic
- Raspbian: /opt/TVMosaic
- Openelec: /storage/
- MacOS: /Users/Shared/TVMosaic
- Synology: TVMosaic network share drive
- QNAP: TVMosaic folder inside Public network share drive
  • log files at the root
  • <channel_logo> - directory for channel logo files. Concept isthe same as for DVBLink: folder is a category, having logo files under it
  • <devices> - directory for smart plugins. There are directories for each tuner. You would need to create folder Plugins under tuner folder and put dvbjcam files there.
  • <licenses> - directory for license files
  • <RecordedTV> - default location for recordings
  • <scanners> - transponder files and iptv playlists
  • <xmltv> - location for local xmltv files

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Re: TVMosaic products: RC1.3

Post by Oberon » Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:31 pm

TVMosaic has been released. This topic is closed.