TV-Mosaic only works for short time

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TV-Mosaic only works for short time

Post by Xandy » Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:48 am
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Hello, after upgrading from DVBlogic to TV-Mosaic everything worked properly. The Web Interface and the Apps (iOS). But after some hours TV-M. "crashed". After a reboot of the server everthing seemed normal, but after some hours same problem again. I checked whatever I thought to be helpfull but same problem.
Anyone an idea what I can do?
DVB logic has been deinstallated, but it has been done after TV-M. installation.

I use a DS414play vom Synology, Mac Book Pro, IPhone X, Ipad pro 2019 and a PCTV 461e USB HD TV-Tuner.

Second question. Howto move the recordings from DVBlogic to TV-Mosaic