Merge channels same m3u IPTV

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Merge channels same m3u IPTV

Post by janvk » Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:58 pm

Hello all,

I saw an old topic about merging channels, but the question diifert from mine that it was different providers of IPTV.

I have 3 the same subscriptions from 1 provider that i liked to use so that we can have 1 tv server and record or watch 3 different things at the same time.

I have used dvblogic in my old house with a cable subsription. Eventually i transferred to tvheadend so i could switch from an dedicated PC to a synology nas.

Now in my new house i don't have cable so only solutions is to have tv from an IPTV provider. I have selected one and it works perfectly with TVmosaic. The only thing is i would like to see 1 time the channel in my client (Kodi) instead of 3 times the channel. Because of the 3 subscruiptions with exactly the same provider. I have 3x 631 channels but in my kodi i get to see 1893 channels. ZO see every channel 3 times.

In the passed with dvlogic i had multiple tv cards and you were able to merge the channels to one.

Would that still be possible ?
Or should i return to dvblink tvserver ?