IPTV from TVMosaic server to another fail multiple streams

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IPTV from TVMosaic server to another fail multiple streams

Post by kim_9700 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 5:26 pm

Hi, hope you guys have some feedback for me on this system.

My main server is with 12 DVB-C tuners located in my business. Works fine - streams to home and friends and what not ...

Secondary system on seperate TVMosaic and license - has local DVB-T and DVB-S tuners - and connecting to primary system with IPTV (remote playlist).
I configure 4 IPTV tuners with this http://username:password@FQDN:9270/mobi ... lient=AAAA

Doing this works fine as long as one channel is running - anyone starting second channel halts the first channel running on different tv. Leading me to think that no concurrent stream can run with same clientID on both. (I tried without the &client=AAAA option with same result).

If I setup 4 IPTV tuners with different client ID's the problem is solved with this:
http://username:password@FQDN:9270/mobi ... lient=AAAA
http://username:password@FQDN:9270/mobi ... lient=AAAB
http://username:password@FQDN:9270/mobi ... lient=AAAC
http://username:password@FQDN:9270/mobi ... lient=AAAD

However - this leaves me with 4 of each channel - as example I have 4*TV3 and decide to name them TV3A TV3B TV3C TV3D on seperate IPTV tuners. As long as tv1 starts a A channel - tv2 starts a B channel - tv3 starts a C channel - tv4 starts a D channel - all is fine and dandy. But if any 2 tv's start stream from same IPTV tuners - lets say A - the first tv to stream is disconnected when second tv starts.

So my solution right now is either to only allow 1 IPTV stream - silly with having tons of bandwidth - or have 4 IPTV tuners and have people kick each other off when they happen to start second stream from 1 tuner.

I'm confused that there is no easy fix to this??? - or maybe i'm just not seeing it. Hope someone can enlighten me ...