Recording series on the same channel

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Recording series on the same channel

Post by holgerth » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:16 pm


When Recording series, i get the episodes recorded by both tuners, thus resulting in having the same recording twice with the settings:
- Only new programs
- recordings to keep max: all
- Previously not recorded programs

1. Thus, i'd like a feature to prevent duplicates when at the time starting recording the episode is not available.
2. The other thing great would be if a tuner records a program, that the dedicated tvmosaic_server process may be able to reuse its tuner connection to begin the recording of the following program (i.e. to begin recording the overlapping period) with the same data (e.g. is able to write to 2 files or is able to pass the data to a forked process / thread via shm or ipc).

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