Best low power client?

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Best low power client?

Post by JBX077 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:09 am


Since there is no client for smart TVs I’m Looking for a low power device that automatically boots the tv mosaic app when powering on. I will not be using the device for other services because all modern TVs have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Emby built in.
I was thinking of something like a raspberry pi or some android stick.
It needs to have infrared or at least be compatible with a Logitech harmony remote.
No Kodi integration please, that’s overkill. I need the same user interface on all devices. That’s the only way the kids and wife can use it.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Best low power client?

Post by Maverickz » Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:29 am

There should be a way to sideload the TVM app on the TV as long as it is an actual Android TV or even one of the new Fire TV's. I think it should work on specific Samsung TV with Android, Sony, and Toshiba TV's as well as some of the cheaper Android TV brands. I don't think it will work on LG's (last I heard LG was using WebOS instead of Android).

If your TV is an actual Android or Fire TV then use Downloader OR a Web browser on the TV and go to to download an install TVM. You will need to enable "Install from other sources" on the TV and this may vary by TV so you will have to look it up for your TV.

Another way to sideload ANY apk would be to install ES-File Explorer on the TV, setup a file share on your computer, drop the apk file in the share, and use ES-File Explorer to install it on the TV. this is what I do so I can install any APK from the full Play Store or any other Store. You still need to enable "Install from other sources" with this method as well.

Sideloading may be tricky to get setup the first time, but once you do it will in essence allow you to install any app you want and keep everything on the TV instead of some external box.

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