AMD trancoder in windows tv mosaic

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AMD trancoder in windows tv mosaic

Post by sojab0on » Sat Mar 07, 2020 8:42 pm

HI i would like to request an hardware transcoder option if tv mosaic of AMD based GPU and APU devices

My media server is runnig an AMD Ryzer 5 3400G APU with has an Vega 11 based gpu inside

This GPU ahs the H264 and H265 encode and deconde capability but the software does not spupport the amd VCE or newer video engine from AMD

Also the server has an dedicated Radeon PRO WX7100 8GB GPU with has UDV 6.1 witch also can decode and encode h264 and H265 video streams.

I hope this will come in future builds so the streams will gek less big and hevy for my internets upload line maxes out at 40 Mbps and the tv chanels i can get 1080i sreams over the coaxial input on digital cable .

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