Live TV crashes

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Re: Live TV crashes

Post by Plantje » Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:02 pm

Hmmm... had a whole text typed, the page refreshed and it was gone… :(

Anyway… I think I figured it out.

On all but one tuner I have set audisabled = 1. This is needed because the EMMs are being received by all 6 tuners, but only one smartcard is available, so only one tuner needs to pickup those EMMs and send them to the smartcard.

Next to that I read an advise to set "blockemm-g = 1" on all tuners. I am not really sure what it does, but as far as I understand from some Googling general EMMs are also sent and these are not needed, so I might as well block them.

Finally (and this is what did the trick):
On one tuner (I picked the tuner that has audisabled NOT set to 1) set the following:
And on all other tuners:

Of course every tuner gets its own user name and password. The only thing I am now still looking for is what this setting of 1/0604 or 0/0604 does.
I see the 0604 is my common access ID, but the 0/ is hard coded in the example file. I will do some Googling, but if someone knows it here...

Edit: looks like that is the setting to send EMMs to NewCS. That's what I understand from this. But wouldn't that already be set by not setting audisabled = 1?

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Re: Live TV crashes

Post by Montoya » Tue Dec 10, 2019 7:16 pm

Glad you finally managed to place all the information bits, I already posted in the past, mostly on Kodi nl forum, together :-)
Good work !

Regarding 0/0604 and 1/0604, remember there is a client part and a server part (card client <> card server) and both need to know, if you want to allow emm's to update your card or block traffic to your card, as far as I know. To much write traffic to your smartcard and your smartcard overloads/shuts down, hence why you only have to set write access (AU) for one tuner, if you use multiple tuners.
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