Improve transcoding options (Windows)

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Improve transcoding options (Windows)

Post by Traxx » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:31 am


am I an atypical user when I do the following:
* Watch only recorded TV (to be able to skip the ads)
* Using TVmosiac over a larger distance

Because this brings me to a problem nobody else seems to have:
I live in the city with a SAT-reception and a TVmosaic-Server running - connected via a 150 MBit Down/50 MBit Up connection.
At my girlfriends house there is only a 12MBit (Down) line because the set up of fiber has been halted due to a stupid historic church where they are afraid to dig next to it. (And yes, in germany nearly all cables need to go in the ground - which in general is a good thing when you compare it to asian streets)
As most HD recordings exceed the 12MBit, we would love to use transcoding. But on a windows server there is no profile available that utilizes the hardware decoding capabilities of the server (Intel Atom J4105) nor one that does no deinterlacing.
Especially the deinterlacing is very CPU-intensive (qlitches and video running slowly than fast on the remote machine - no relaxed watching possible) and the remote station (Nvidia Shield running Kodi) is absolutely able to deinterlace.
In addition to this the encoding used seems to be fixed - what ever it uses, it even seems as if it messes up 25Hz PAL into 60Hz.

So - is it planned to add more profiles to the windows server or any possibility to customize the transcoding? The only option available here seems to be the bitrate setting in the kodi-addon, the rest is black magic happening around that number? Or am I missing something?
Another good solution would be to be able to add the transcoded (via send to) files also to the library so that remote clients can access them.
So that you have - when activated - a library entry called "Transcoded recordings" where all files from that "send to" entry are shown.
Would that be possible? Might be a lot easier to develop than custom transcoding?

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