PIP (Picture In Picture)

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PIP (Picture In Picture)

Post by IIIEXOCETIII » Thu May 30, 2019 1:27 pm

Not sure if this topic has been floating around or not. But one of the features I find greatly lacking in TV-Mosaic is the ability to scroll through the guide, while watching your current channel. So in theory it allows you to be on the guide screen, and the current show you are watching perhaps shrinks and is placed in to one of the corners. That way when i decide to watch something new or, "See" if somethings on, I'm not losing any dialogue or perhaps scenes I was hoping to see before I actually changed the channel.

Kudos to all the hard work at TV-Mosaic


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Re: PIP (Picture In Picture)

Post by beaker » Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:15 pm

A PIP feature for the active channel while browsing the guide would be awesome. Stopping the current stream when returning to the guide is brutal because I am not aware of any other way to see program details (beyond title) for what is currently playing on other channels. It can be especially frustrating when using TvMosaic Live on nvidea shield because the "back" button on the remote immediately stops the active stream and returns the user to the guide without asking for confirmation. I can't even guess how often I've accidentally lost the time shift cache for a stream I'm watching because I inadvertently hit the back button on the remote. The requested PIP feature would presumably resolve this problem because I would expect re-selecting the the active stream to simply return the user to full screen viewing of the active channel with the time shift cache intact.
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