Incorrect recording duration for clients

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Incorrect recording duration for clients

Post by thefarmer » Fri May 17, 2019 1:37 pm

Not sure if anyone is experiencing this.....
I set TVM to record a program...and it records fine. I can watch it within TVM with no issue.

However, if I have Emby looking at the recording, or Plex reports a different file duration. I try and fast forward through it, and it will freeze.

My latest example was for a 2hr show (an F1 grand prix replay)...and both in PLex and Emby it's showing as 31mins..yet in TVM it was 136mins.
TO have two seperate media players reporting the same obscure time of 31 mins, seems to point to TVM? A previous example was a 1hr show in TVM, showing as 3 mins in Emby, Plex.

any ideas?

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