Stop streaming during external access

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Stop streaming during external access

Post by peches » Tue May 14, 2019 9:35 am


I've got a problem during playing live tv and recordings outside home location.
In house, in local network, everything seems ok, but when I try to watch live tv it stops after few seconds, up to one minute.
It's no matter if stream is transcoded or not, unencrypted or decrypted, HD or SD.
I've attach log when I try to watch NASA TV HD channel, unencrypted, from HotBird satellite. It stopped after ca 25 seconds.
It happening on DVBLink 6.0, but I try on mosaic test version (log is from mosaic).
I've tested my connection by Plex - no problem with playing with original quality or transcoded.
I've copied large files from server to outside location - no problem.
My output speed is 30Mbits - for HD it is enough I think, NASA channel have 9Mbits in monitor tab.

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