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Favourites problems

Post by skavis » Fri May 10, 2019 11:24 pm

I've sent an email about this awaiting a reply but posting here in the chance others have the same issue and also to compare loading times.

1.The Favourites lists section isn't working fully right now.
2.Please improve load times in the desktop app if you can.

The favourites section of TVMosaic is the only way to customize your lists in the desktop app and it is painfully slow to load. Everything you do takes a good min or two just to register. This is obviously annoying but I sit through it because customizing a list is the best way to make a list of all the channels you actually want to watch. This is good for the wife, the kids and me all each having our own lists.
In saying so, the biggest problem over all the releases I've used is the loading time... so slow. Please improve if you can.
The other issue I am having now is that I can no longer create or delete a custom favourites list.
I've updated to the latest version today and also switched IPTV providers. Changing providers means I need to make new lists. One has 0 channels now and when trying to add new channels to it, they don't save giving an "internal error" pop-up. The same thing happens when trying to make a new list or delete the previous ones.

Please work on the favourites section of your desktop app as it is an awesome and I think maybe underrated tool for TVMosaic.

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