Improve sleep management

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Improve sleep management

Post by Plantje » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:17 pm

If I set my machine running TV Mosaic (let's call it the "server") to go to sleep after 20 minutes of idle time everything works out fine. Typical scenario:
  • 20 Minutes of idle time: system goes to sleep
  • Scheduled recording: machine wakes up and starts recording
  • Recording finished: machine goes back to sleep
This is all fine. I guess somewhere it has been programmed that the TV Mosaic service can wake the server from sleep in order to record a TV show, keeps it awake while the show is recording (so, the server doesn't see the machine as being idle) and let it go to sleep afterwards.

With that same server setting I also have the following scenario:
  • Go to bed, watch live TV or a recording using Kodi using the TV Mosaic PVR add on
  • After 20 minutes of watching TV it stops because the server has been idle for 20 minutes
I have been playing with some magic packet tooling etc, but that will only allow the server to go to sleep and then using the tooling it will be woken up again. So, watching live or recorded TV is not seamless.

Feature request: if the TV Mosaic service of the server is used to provision live or recorded TV to one of the clients, keep the server awake as long as the service is used.
Basically this entails: doing the same thing as what happens when waking up and keeping awake for a recording. I am not sure how that is done, but something similar should happen. With this feature added it shouldn't matter if the Kodi TV Mosaic PVR add on is used from an Android (TV) Kodi version or from Kodi on Windows. One can even use a TV Mosaic client to keep the machine awake as long as you make this feature depending on the usage of the TV Mosaic service on the server side.

Currently my TV Mosaic server uses over 10% of my total daily electricity usage! Where I only need it to be on for about a maximum of 4 hours a day. With this feature I could change my setup to a setup where the server would only need to be on for about 1-2 hours a day.

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