WHY ????? Start again play and detect bugs

TVMosaic live and recorded TV products for Desktop/NAS/Raspbery Pi
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WHY ????? Start again play and detect bugs

Post by bobobyte » Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:20 am


I feel really pissed off about this change. After years of working, experience and bug reporting, I have to start again this game. This is not funny and you really loose your users acceptance! And you force your longtime and benevolent users to pay again !

1. Why do you link the configuration of a NAS-installation to a Windows client?
a. Its now no longer possible to manage the installation/configuration/recordings from remote without the installed windows client.
b. The Windows client does not have all features like the previous DVB-software has.

2. You make it easy for you, but not for customer, not supporting anymore previous used USB-Tuners like TT-models.
Your customers neads clear statements, that these tuners, working with DVBLink before, will also work with TV Mosaic - before they start upgrading it.

3. TV-Monitor-Software:
I'm not able to change the channel numbers anymore. Why? I have my own sort order, how the channels are displayed. And this is very helpful when using a mobile application on Android.
I'm not able to change the channel names anymore. Why? SOmetimes its necessary to add a remark to channel name.
I'm not able to sort the channel via number during channel configuration. Why?

4. Android client:
It starts basically in landscape format and can't be changed.
I'm not able anymore to store/save and easy select several configured TV-Mosaik-installations. Example: Access from internal network and access from internet via port forwarding.
DVBLink v6 on Synology DS1817+ / USB-Tuner TV-Butler DVB-C Unitymedia
TV Mosaik v1 on Synology DS212+ / USB-Tuner TV-Butler + TT-Connect DVB-C Unitymedia

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