TVMosiac Missing Features

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TVMosiac Missing Features

Post by whereisglenn » Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:33 am

Still a DVBLink user, couldn't initially tryout TVmosiac when first released because it didn't support DVB-S switch freq.

Just downloaded and tried the server again but still missing some useful functionality.

Regarding setup,
1. I have 6 tuners. Will a future version support the same dvblink master & slave tuner setup so we don't have to scan and configure channels for every tuner? I've only setup one tuner thus far and think I will leave it at that after heading back to DVBlink.
2. Can we introduce "include" which channels rather than "exclude"? I have a list of 250 plus channels and I only want 40. I'd prefer not to deselect 210 to get my preferred lineup. DVBlink is include select, tvmosiac is exclude select.
3. DVBlink can filter channels by provider category, TV and Radio. I could search a category to narrow my channel selections. Missing feature in TVmosiac.
4. Provider categories are setup as default favourites in TVmosiac and I'd prefer to delete these but can't. I only want my own created favourites eg. sports, kids, news etc. This was possible in DVBlink.
5. ACAMD is faster than DVBJCAM by at least 50%. I'm a channel hopper, so waiting 6-10 secs rather than 2-4 secs is quite a noticeable increase and one of the first drawbacks of using this new media server. Not sure who the developer of this software is but wondering is this a limitation with the plugin or TVmosiac?
6. No TVguide or streaming through web browser? Seriously? Dedicated device apps make for a great user experience, but sometimes I just want to hit the browser and see what's on at any time, on any PC. Ultimately this is what EMBY in the browser can do, but it's just another layer with more delays transcoding stream and time to receive playback.

7. TVXML setup was easy (previously used EPG Collector plugin) but was just as easy to use an XML feed - nice work with that. Didn't get a chance to import logos but that also looks much the same.


If there is one feature that would be number one on my list would be Picture in Picture support.


Would be nice to not terminate a stream when navigating away from it and can resume if switching back within a preset timeframe eg. 1-5mins. Obviously would keep the tuner active but this is what you want when you have multiple tuners, GPU transcoding and modern intel hardware. I guess I could hit record but it's not quite the same. Perhaps I should learn to watch a program start to finish.

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Re: TVMosiac Missing Features

Post by atreyu » Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:33 pm

Hi regarding your first point, try configuring the second tuner. If the source is the samm it will recognize this amd offer to duplicate.
So it’s there although a bit less obvious.



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Re: TVMosiac Missing Features

Post by triks » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:53 pm

Can someone confirm if the web client is ever coming to TV Mosaic?
I unwillingly upgraded from DVB-T only to find I can no longer access my TV/Guide/Recordings via web browser.
We have a Chromebook and 2 CloudReady OS devices which only have Chrome meaning I can no longer access TV Mosaic.
Am I the only one who finds a web client essential specially for us using it on a NAS?
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