TVButler with TVMosaic Live!

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TVButler with TVMosaic Live!

Post by epok04 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:30 am


i have problems running TVMosaic Live! with my TVButler on Xiaomi Mibox3 (Oreo)
I have the Live!+ version. The TVBulter seems to be recognized by Android, i have a popup about USB authorization.
Anyway, when i want to scan channels, it says "No tuners detected".
The TVBulter is connected on a usb switch (ethernet, 1 usb key, tvbutler), but i've tried to plug it directly to mibox3 (after reboot); and it's the same.
Currently, the TVBulter is connected to my Qnap NAS and working fin, but zapping is a bit slow, that's why i wanted to try directly with the Live! version.

Is it possible to use Live! version for LiveTV and store recordings on the NAS? It could be nice.

Can you help me?
thanks in advance

TVMosaic Server on NAS Qnap TS-420

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