tvmosaic live! with Amazon fire TV (1st generation), many questions

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tvmosaic live! with Amazon fire TV (1st generation), many questions

Post by fritz-r » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:07 pm

I am trying to make tvmosaic live! work with Amazon fire TV as TV>IP client for a Kathrein EXIP 418 server. This works in principle, and it is actually the only working TV>IP solution I could find for fire TV after a quite exhaustive search. There are however a number of questions remaining:

1. Practical usability is limited, to say the least. The application finds more than 500 stations (for Astra 19.2E alone), many of them without content, radio stations or multiple entries. Is there any way to edit the station list and to define favourites? Going through setup and disabling stations one by one will take hours, is extremely error prone and impossible to maintain.

2. TVmosaic live! asks me to upgrade to a paid PLUS version, I however could not find any description or pricing information. Selecting the upgrade option makes the application wait forever.

3. Although the application is mostly self-explaining a PDF describing its features and operation would be helpful. The WIKI is also pretty useless, it does not even mention tvmosaic live! or fire TV.

4. I do not understand why I have to select a specific tuner during setup. I would expect that the application dynamically selects an available tuner. Will this tuner stay assigned to the fire TV box forever? I would not expect this to happen, so there may be a risk that another client will block the tuner that I have selected during setup. Or will the application select a different tuner in case the initially selected tuner is in use? Or do I have to go through the lengthy station edit procedure for all eight tuners separately? This will not only take hours, it will take days! Unfortunately there is no documentation addressing those questions.

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