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safe mode

Post by tof » Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:10 am

hello I try tvmosaic 16828 and after installation I could configure
but the next day the software only works in safe mode otherwise I have a black screen.

how to solve this?

I have some questions too for users:
I would like to know if we can create a list of tv mosaic channels and open it with vlc media player ?
if you can have videos streams over internet when I'm not at home on mobile phone ?


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Re: safe mode

Post by Oberon » Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:38 am

Safe mode does not use full hardware acceleration for video decoding, only partial. This is the only difference and, if you do not see artifacts while playing video, should be ok to use.

Further, here is the guide on how to export all channels as a playlist:

It is also possible to stream live and recorded TV over the internet. You need to open ports on your router (TVMosaic desktop client -> Settings -> Network -> Open ports) and use your external IP address or ddns address as address of the TVMosaic server.

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Please fix the hardware acceleration mode

Post by MGFirewater » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:19 pm

we use 5 clients to watch tvmosaic from our synology 218.
3 of them works with win 10 home 1809. the other two clients works with android 5.1 and android 9.

My request is about the Windows clients. I wait since 16582 to solve this huge hardware acceleration error.
Are the software developers working on a solution in one of the next tvmosaic versions? :roll:

1. client: 2013 notebook with an i5 3210m and an amd radeon 7610m and a slow hdd. (wlan)
the client never show a picture and play only sound in the normal mode. cpu usage is about 25%
in the safe mode everything works with a cpu usage of 45%. Strangely enough, no frames are hanging in comparison to client 3.

2. client: a PC i5 6600k with gtx970 and ssd (lan)
this pc has never been an problem with screen and sound since introduce the hardware acceleration.

3. client: a new lenovo notebook with intel pentium 4415 (hd610) with a 500mb/s fast m.2 ssd and the all new dch driver. (wlan)
tv mosaic show in the standard mode only a picture in a maximize window. full screen and the standard window mode show a black screen. sound is fine. if I click right mouse button the activate the interface, I can see some frames for a minimum of a second in the full screen mode. cpu usage is about low 4%. in the safe mode the cpu usage is about 45% and every 10-15 seconds some frames where skip.

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Re: safe mode

Post by MGFirewater » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:57 pm

so i had some time to locate the error.

with kodi 18 and the tvmosaic plugin i get a correct graphic acceleration on the second client. kodi use dvxa.
kodi use with dvxa only 7% of the cpu usage to stream a clean tv signal.
edit: with deactivated dvxa kodi needs 30% of the cpu usage.

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