New user, move installation from machine to machine

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New user, move installation from machine to machine

Post by HAL2001 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:53 am

Hi there,

I have just started to use TVMosaic.
It was a rather bumpy ride in the beginning as there was no notification that the DVBLink Software was discontinued.
So what happened was that I installed DVBLink on a MacMini, channel search ran and worked. Then I found out that there was a new software available and installed it (TVMosaic).
Channel search didn't find any(!) channel. So I thought there was a conflict in the double installation and tried to uninstall DVBLink as good as possible but to no prevail…
Meanwhile I installed TVMosaic on a MacbookAir and all works smoothly.
Wow. That was a long intro, sorry for that!
Is it possible to move my whole working installation from MacBookAir to MacMini? What are all locations where to search for installation fragments?
How to do a clean uninstall on the MacMini first?

Any help would be highly appreciated!



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