DVBlink vs TV Mosaic software and hope for improvements

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DVBlink vs TV Mosaic software and hope for improvements

Post by heula » Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:37 pm

I recently updated my DVBlink software to TV Mosaic.
I see some changes and one of those changes is in the config of the series recordings.
The setting "Record around ..:.. is no longer an option. Instead there now is the option record "Start before ..:.." and "Start after ..:.. "
Please bring back the "Record around ..:.." option. It is still an option in the app so why make it different in the Windows software?

Also a bug that existed in the DVBlink app is still there in the TV Mosaic app. When swiping in the TV Guide from left to right it always ends up in an empty EPG screen. That means the EPG data disappears. Sometimes it comes back but most of the time it doesn't. Please improve this.

Also an option to go more easier to the next day on the same time your in at the moment would be much appreciated. We always have to go into the calendar to get the right date and time. It's okay to have that but mostly I want to go fast to next day.

Maybe on top al days off the week we can click on to get there right away?


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