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Please help us to help you! <-- Read this first

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:15 am
by Oberon
To help us analyze your issue we need as much as possible information from you about it.

It is recommended that you follow these steps:
- Check our Wiki ( if your question is already answered there
- Browse/search this forum. It is very likely that someone already had the issue in the past and found the solution.
- If both previous steps did not answer your question, either submit a ticket to our support team by writing an e-mail to or post your issue on this forum in the appropriate section.
- When posting the issue/question, please include the following information: Please do not write "I also have this issue" without including any supporting information. Usually every issue is at least a little bit different and every bit of information will help to analyze it.

Thank you.