questions around tv-mosaic

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questions around tv-mosaic

Post by ashley » Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:41 pm

Hi @Oberon, As a long term dvblink user I have several questions;
- What are the advantages of tv-mosaic over Plex DVR, once the grid based EPG is implemented in Plex (due this quarter)?
- What will happen if the hardware fingerprint changes on my dvblink server, will you guys continue to resolve this after the dvblink product goes out of support?
- Will the Kodi plugin continue to be able to connect to tv-mosaic and dvblink backend, or will you be restricting the plugin to work only with tv-mosaic backend?

I did run tv-mosaic for about a week in our setup. Because we run Kodi as our preferred front end client, there was no real difference from a viewing perspective. We did try the tv-mosaic frontend (on a shield TV) and it was OK, but the navigation and UI was not as friendly to us as Kodi and key features like scaling were missing from the tv-mosaic client.

So for now it looks like we'll stick with dvblink, until some of the old dvblink features are re-added back into tv-mosaic back-end.
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Re: questions around tv-mosaic

Post by Oberon » Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:50 pm

You may use DVBLink as long as you like and a new license will be re-issued to you whenever you hw fingerprint changes also after official dvblink support period is ended.

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