Lost Recordings in 'recorder_database.db'

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Lost Recordings in 'recorder_database.db'

Post by HansDampf » Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:40 pm

Hello everybody,
I'm working on the following problem: After successful recordings and reproductions of various TV movies 'disappear' individual records without a trace, so are no longer visible in TV-MOSAIC (TV recordings) and not in KODI (recordings). The physical files (* .ts) are very well still in the specified folder available, and from there playable.

Currently I have the following status (TV-MOSAIC and KODI show identical contents):
10 files are displayed as saved recordings for playback. If I look closer to 'recorder_database.db', I find in the table 'completed_recording' the above mentioned 10 entries. In the table 'deleted_recording' I find another 4 entries, which I also find in the folder directly (therefore on file level). I had not deleted these!

In addition, I find at file level (in the same, specified folder) even more 80 - 10 - 4 * .ts - files that I have not deleted either.

If I look at an ASCII dump of 'recoding_database.db', I find references to the 'disappeared' names of the previously recorded films, which - as I said - do not appear in the tables 'completed_recording' or 'deleted_recording'.

My question: How can I import the 'disappeared' records again, completely! Hint: What I am describing here is an ongoing process, so there are always a few to several dozen records disappearing. Only this weekend my collar broke. <E>:twisted:</E> Why do only I have the problem? (Yes, I know details about the configuration come on demand, but it seems to be a direct problem of SQLite3 ...

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