general stutter on multiple recordings under Kodi.

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general stutter on multiple recordings under Kodi.

Post by ashley » Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:34 am

Hi, I'm on the latest version of Kodi 18 (on a shieldTV) and using the latest version of tv-mosaic on a backend intel PC (on a wired gigabit network).
If I'm watching livetv via Kodi and a scheduled recording starts, then the livetv being watched stutters for up to 10 seconds while the recording starts.
On the backend windows PC the service is set to realtime etc.

The behavior is predicatable and has bene happening since the release of tv-mosaic.
Is there anyway to avoid this - it used to happen on dvblink as well many years ago.

I expect its a micro glitch/delay that the recording starting up causes with the live feed, which breaks the kodi client.
I'm running TVmosaic livetv buffer onto a ram drive on the back end to minimise any glitches..

Is there any additional buffer in Kodi front end client or similar that can be setup to prevent this from happening?

Is there any chance the tv-mosaic crew can simply recreate this problem so they can see it happening themselves?
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