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DVBLink not working on DS713+ after disk replacement and expansion

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 3:04 pm
by Welsku
I have DS713+ where DVBLink server is running.
I had 6TB main volume on it. It had SHR volume with no disk redundancy.
I put a 10TB disk there, and expanded the volume, so it became 6TB SHR volume with disk redundancy.
I removed the 6TB disk and volume became degraded.
I found instructions on how to set the 10TB disk to SHR without disk redundancy and it became healthy again.
I contacted Synology support, because I was unable to expand the 6TB volume to fully utilize the 10TB disk.
They fixed the MaxAllocateableSize to match 10TB disk size and I was able to expand the volume to max.

This is the time when I noticed a problem with DVBLink server.

It was running everything seemed to be normal, but when I tried to access the GUI at or :39876,
browser was showing nothing. Also DVBLink App on a tablet showed an error accessing that server.

I was going through the old forum at: ... 485#p89825

and I thought that it might solve the situation. I don't need to transfer my licence anywhere, but I would need to
transfer a working environment from the old 6TB disk to the new 10TB disk. Since the volumes on 6TB and 10TB
disks are the same (apart from the size), and the installed apps are the same, I don't think that I should put those
disks together at the same time into DS713+. I'd rather avoid any possible duplicate app issue if I can. But I'll use
the original 6TB disk, and some other disk, create a volume there and copy those DVBLink files there from the
original 6TB disk. Then shut down the NAS, replace the 6TB disk with 10 TB disk, power up the system and copy
those files from the second volume to the 10TB disk.

Do you think that this would fix the problem?
Is there anyone else who has had this issue before?
I would rather not delete the installation and start over.
Is there anything else that might affect on the outcome of this exercise?

OR, if there is anything else that is easier to do, which would fix the problem?

Since I don't have the access to DVBLink GUI, I am unable to collect the logs from GUI.
If the logs can be collected from SSH terminal, I can do that if there are instructions to collect them.

Re: DVBLink not working on DS713+ after disk replacement and expansion

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 3:05 pm
by Welsku
Starting and stopping DVBLink service did not help.
I have also tried restarting the NAS a few times. Sometimes service enabled, sometimes service disabled.

Re: DVBLink not working on DS713+ after disk replacement and expansion

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:34 am
by Welsku
Long story short: problem solved.

Customer support reset the license so that the "wrong HW fingerprint" didn't cause any problems anymore.
I was able to find the passwords from Chrome passwords, but I wasn't able to find any passwords from emails or any other notes that I had.