Dropouts and Jitter with Kodi with Timeshift

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Dropouts and Jitter with Kodi with Timeshift

Post by holzfred » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:25 am

Hello and good morning.

I use in my Server 4 DD-Octopus Tuner with Deltacam and Unitymedia. I can record 4 parallel crypted Streams without any Dropouts or Jitter in the Record. In this Moment when I start a Kodi Client to watch a running record (enabled Timehift), the record gets Dropouts and Jitter also in the TV-Playback. Also the other records have the same Mistakes in the stream. When I stop the Playback, the Mistakes stay in the records. Every 15 seconds the Dropouts are visible in the records. If i disable now the timeshift in the Playback-Client, start again 4 crypted Recordings and watch a record with Kodi, all the records are without any Mistakes and Dropouts.

The records are stored on a Samsung 1TB SSD installed only for the Records. The Server have a systemdisk Samsung NVMe 256 TB.

I tried to enable and disable the read/write Cache from my Disks. No Change... I Change the record path to a HDD... Nothing. The only Thing what seems to avoid the Problems is disable the Timeshift at my Clients... Here I mean is something bug…

Please let me know, If I can help to fix the Problem...


**Sorry for bad english…