Change Source URL without full refresh

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Change Source URL without full refresh

Post by Abbaskip » Sun Aug 26, 2018 2:45 pm

My IPTV provider has recently changed the URL that I used to access the m3u and I've now lost all of my EPG links (xmltv data that I rip automatically on a schedule and assign to the channel manually), channel numbers, favourites etc.

I also realised that because usernames and passwords are a part of these URLs, if anybody ever changes that they'd have to do the same.

So my request is that you are able to edit the source URL without it being treated as a new provider.

All of my channels are identical, but because I changed the URL I lost everything I had setup

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Re: Change Source URL without full refresh

Post by Montoya » Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:17 pm

As long as TVMosaic doesn't have a feature to deal with this URL change, I would advise to stick with downloaded LOCAL m3u's for your IPTV setup in TVMosaic.

In DVBLink for IPTV we had this same problem too, but it was solvable by replacing the affected local m3u (with same filename) AND by editing the "dvblink_channel_storage.xml" in Notepad++ (with new stream URL's for the channels) while the DVBLink Service was stopped.

The channels in TVMosaic are stored in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBLogic\TVMosaic\data\config\tvmosaic_channels.xml

1) Make a backup of server settings in TVMosaic first before changing anything in TVMosaic setupfiles (in case something goes wrong)
2) Stop the TVMosaic Service when you are going to edit TVMosaic setup files
3) Because you used an URL for your IPTV setup, instead of a local m3u file, you will have to find out yourself, how the URL for your m3u list is stored in TVMosaic setup xml files. To find out, I advise you to create a backup file in TVMosaic and investigate this file thoroughly in Notepad++, to find traces of your m3u URL and the corresponding Headend id or other id's that are linked.
4) Do all of the above at your own risk ;)
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