EPG from Enigma2 STB - as IPTV

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EPG from Enigma2 STB - as IPTV

Post by Amatøren » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:14 pm


On DVBLink it was support for EPG from Enigma2 STB with EPG from the STB.

I have tested the new version and it has a great improvment now. Thanks to Oberon & team!

Now streaming from my VU+ Duo2 works perfect. Recording & playback also.

I have a script that creat a m3u playlist.

Some lines from the top:

Code: Select all

#EXTINF:-1  tvg-chno="1" tvg-id="NRK1 HD",NRK1 HD
#EXTINF:-1  tvg-chno="2" tvg-id="TV 2 HD (N)",TV 2 HD (N)
#EXTINF:-1  tvg-chno="3" tvg-id="NRK2 HD",NRK2 HD
I got perfect channel sorting by number.

If I change tvg-id (is it correct tag?) from the ID in xmltv file to WEB call for EPG, I hope TV Mosaic also can direct import the EPG from the STB (as DVBLink for Dreambox).

Code: Select all

#EXTINF:-1  tvg-chno="1" tvg-id="",NRK1 HD
#EXTINF:-1  tvg-chno="2" tvg-id="",TV 2 HD (N)
#EXTINF:-1  tvg-chno="3" tvg-id="",NRK2 HD

Short example from EPG download (from one channel):

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<e2eventtitle>Planet Plast</e2eventtitle>
		<e2eventdescription>(Ep. 4:4/s1).  Kan vi rydde opp i dette?</e2eventdescription>
		<e2eventdescriptionextended>Dokumentarserie. Line Elvsåshagen vil redde hvalene, fiskene og fuglene som dør av plasten i havet. Finnes det noe vi kan gjøre, eller er det allerede for sent?</e2eventdescriptionextended>
		<e2eventservicename>NRK1 HD</e2eventservicename>
		<e2eventtitle>Norge nå</e2eventtitle>
		<e2eventdescription>(Ep. 68:78/s1).  Norsk talkshow.</e2eventdescription>
		<e2eventdescriptionextended>Hvert år dør rundt én million sjøfugl på grunn av plastsøppel i havet. Norge nå sender direkte fra Runde i Møre og Romsdal, der 500.000 sjøfugl hekker i sommerhalvåret.</e2eventdescriptionextended>
		<e2eventservicename>NRK1 HD</e2eventservicename>
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Re: EPG from Enigma2 STB - as IPTV

Post by gyugyo » Tue May 01, 2018 8:57 pm

Until you are ready to do + want someone to be useful.
I wrote a python script to my NAS for PLEX that makes XMLTV xml from the Enigma2 BOX EPG (OpenWebIf)

Because PLEX did not synchronize the channel to which channel_id contained space in the associated XMLTV file.
That is why there is a point to replace all spaces.
This is my first and last thing written in python, so it's not the most profitable.
You must manually enter channels into a list that you want to download.
Until the pros are doing better than the one who can use it a bit.

I'm running the Synology NAS Task Scheduler twice a week for this script:

python /volume1/homes/gyugyo/python/exml.py
cp -f /volume1/Plex/tvguide.xml /volume1/TVMosaic/xmltv/tvguide.xml

The /volume1/Plex/tvguide.xml file for exmlt.py is set as a target to copy the second line to the TVMOSAIC directory.

NAS runs 2.7-bit Python (pre-installed). I think it can be used on another site that is installed / already part of the system preinstalled,
but surely I do not know. I'm working on Synology NAS under 6.1.x -DSM

In the file, you will need to enter the username and password for the ip address and port of the box. Where to save xml. And the channel list.
id_lista = ['1:0:19:40:26:1:FFFF0000:0:0:0:','1:0:1:37:24:1:FFFF0000:0:0:0:','1:0:1:3F:26:1:FFFF0000:0:0:0:']
xml_save='/volume1/directory_name/tvguide.xml'#xml save location.
usern= 'root'#OpenWebif Username
passw= 'password'#OpenWebif password
ipc= ''#OpenWebif ip
port='80'#OpenWebif port if not the default. Sample: '8888'
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Re: EPG from Enigma2 STB - as IPTV

Post by Amatøren » Tue May 01, 2018 9:36 pm

Thanks for the information.

I have made a bash script on my CentOS server (it also works on my VU+ Duo2) that can provide both m3u channel list (with parameter GET_ALL) and xmltv EPG file.

With parameter PRINT I got report in console window.

So getting EPG I have a solution, but it would be more smooth if TV Mosaic could download and decode the EPG automatically. DVBLink for Dreambox does it.

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Re: EPG from Enigma2 STB - as IPTV

Post by praze » Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:04 am

I've also made a custom Python script to extract the EPG info from the Enigma2 box using OpenWebif and converting it to an "decent" XMLTV for Plex.


Still few issues but I hope to improve it in the following days (any help also appreciated).

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