Tuner priority?

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Tuner priority?

Post by JohNan » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:52 am


I have installed TV Mosaic along side DVBLink and I have just completed the setup. I did however stumble upon a pretty annoying issue. In the comparison you write that channels between different DVB technologies cannot be merged (one of the key features of DVBLink IMHO, really bad decision to remove it). Currently I have 4 tunes on which two of them support DVB-T2 and the other two does not. Using this much "easier" channel merge and sharing of scanned transponders really does not work in my favor in this case ( with much more limited configuration alternatives).

I have scanned using the DVB-T2 source to be able to to tune in T2 broadcasts. When setting up the channels for my T tuner I get a dialog saying that the same transpoinder scan can be used. I accept because there are no other options. All fine so far. But when using KODI and selecting a T2 channel Mosaic tries to use the tuner that does not support T2 channels hence no stream is started. ( I guess it tries to use because it uses the same scan as I did with the T2 tuner).

So my question is if it is poosible to "ban" certain channels from certain tuners, or set a priority of what tuner to choose, or do I have to create 2 different transponder files with and without the T2 frequenzies?

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Re: Tuner priority?

Post by Oberon » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:49 pm

Moved to Feature requests section.

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