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EPG Setup suggestions

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:09 am
by Abbaskip
When you have IPTV with thousands of channels the EPG Setup can be very timely (even with auto).

Auto doesn't always select the right channel if there is multiple channels of the same name from different countries (TLC UK, TLC USA, TLC CA, TLC AU etc).

My suggestion is firstly, in XMLTV there should be a source drop box as there was in DVB Link. Letting you only look in one of the XMLs in your xmltv directory at a time (I have different xml files for each nation's channels so this would help big time!)

My second suggestion is a text box filter at the top of the xmltv channel lists. So type in the name of the channel and the xmltv epg list only shows channels including that text. Meaning much less scrolling time etc.