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A thumb image with the same name at the recording location.

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:35 pm
by Raudi

i'm recording with TVMosaic to a network share, this share i'm using with my VU+ box too.

It will be nice when there is for every .ts file a .jpg file with the same name in the same folder, then i have for each recording a picture in my VU+.

At the moment i execute every hour a script:

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/usr/local/bin/tvmosaic/data/common/sqlite/sqlite3 /opt/TVMosaic/recorder_database/recorder_database.db "select timer_id, filename from completed_recording"  > /tmp/thcopy
sed -i 's/|/.jpg "/g' /tmp/thcopy
sed -i 's/.ts/.jpg/g' /tmp/thcopy
sed -i 's/^/cp \/recordings\/TV-Aufzeichnungen\/thumbnails\//' /tmp/thcopy
sed -i 's/$/"/' /tmp/thcopy
chmod 777 /tmp/thcopy
/bin/bash /tmp/thcopy
But when i delete a recording, the .jpg isn't deleted this i must do by my self...