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Add "send to" output-files to recordings.db

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:47 pm
by Traxx
I wrote this as alternative in my "improve" transcoding post but as the first suggestion was rather complicated it maybe wasn't noticed.
So I put it simple in a new request, maybe finding some other guys interested in it:

Would it be possible (optionally (!), via check box in the "send to" -> "+ add" dialogue) to add the result file of "send to" also to the library?

So that there is a new 'folder' in the library with the name "Transcoded - <Name of the 'send to' operation>" containing all files where this operation has been used. Complete with the ability do delete it via the client like normal recordings.
As bonus it should copy all the infos (Description etc.) from the original file to the new one.

With this feature you could transcode something over night on a small machine and then watch the transcoded result without stressing the server at all in doing it live.
And because its just creating a second version of the file no replacing, deleting etc. needs to be done, actually its just a SQL-insert function...

Re: Add "send to" output-files to recordings.db

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:49 am
by Montoya
I would STAY AWAY from using TVMosaic database, from using functions like Media Management, that Emby (and maybe Plex) are way better in doing :!:

Example (how to do it in Emby):
Use Send to (with NFO) in TVMosaic, to export your recordings directly to a folder of a TV Show (or Movie) library of Emby. In Emby you can use a plugin like "Folder Sync", to sync your recordings with an automated scheduled task (set by the user in Emby), so that those recordings are going to be converted with a transcoding profile of your liking (set by the user in the Folder Sync plugin). After conversion is done, the recordings detail info page, shows all the versions available for play, for the user to select.

TVMosaic will never reach that same level of control of Media Management flexibility, because TVMosaic was never meant to be a Media Center solution and it NEVER will be. Adding and removing media to the database by the user and trouble shooting those issues has always proven to be a problem in DVBLink and TVMosaic, without using external database tools....

Re: Add "send to" output-files to recordings.db

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:19 pm
by Traxx
Well... I only want it to add a few files it self created to the db.
I know about emby and really wanted to give it a chance but it does way to much and is total overkill for my use case.
All other content other than TV I stream from spotify, amazon, netflix, joyn and tvnow (if the RTL Germany Group as well as the public networks would offer something like Joyn does for ProSieben-Sat1 it would render my TV-Setup useless once and for all...)

So, emby offers many funktions where I don't need them and some things are just missing.

Lets say I do a send to with 10 files a month - would this be so hard/buggy to put in the DB? After all its nearly the same sql ADD command as the normal recorder does, maybe in another table to be tidy...