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Android server

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:53 pm
by apache07x
Just wondering is there a way to put a tv mosaic server on an old android phone? I'd like to have a mobile server for my truck / car when we go on trips and such so the kids can watch what they want and not be arguing over whats playing on the tv when traveling and stressing me out more than I already am. I have a wifi router and internet in the truck to have something to attach a server to. I was thinking a windows mini pc but then if it reboots or whenever you shut it off you need a monitor, keyboard etc to get back into it, don't know much about a raspberry but I'm guessing it would be the same scenario. An old android tablet or phone seems like it would be the ultimate mobile solution if there's a way to get a TV Mosaic server on it.