empty stream or no locking

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empty stream or no locking

Post by FlyingBas » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:48 pm

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I am trying for several years to get a stable working system, but it just isn’t stable.
I wonder if it might be the cards that are having problems, the firmware or maybe the drivers I am using or maybe it is a setting in TV-Mosaic for these cards?
My problem is as follows.
I can watch all channels, free to air and coded channels. I can watch four coded channels at the same time, but starting a channel is not reliable.
If I start a channel, 50% chance it doesn’t work. After 10 minutes of trying, I might get the channel to work by sellecting another working channel first and then go to the one I want.
The channels working today might not work tomorrow etc.
When the channel is tunned, everything is fine and works perfect. It is just to get the channel tunned and to give a stream.
Sometimes the channel is locked in the digital devices control panel, but TV-Mosaic doesn’t do anything with it.

My setup is as follows:
Digital Devices Octopus dual CI with two duoflex CINE v1/2/3 DVB-S2
it all runs on server 2016

many thanks if someone is able to have look and point me in the right direction!!

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