various questions with beta.

TVMosaic live and recorded TV products for Desktop/NAS/Raspbery Pi
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various questions with beta.

Post by ashley » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:18 am

things work more or less which was good but so far I don't really see any significant improvements over dvblink (from a user perspective), and the dumbed down setup interface now seems to introduce some limitations but does speed up the initial setup.

A few questions if I may...

- does the recorded TV location determine where the liveTV buffer is? (I want to prevent wear and bottlenecks on my primary SSD).
- Is the liveTV buffer server or client side?
- Are the timeshift buffering issues still present when using Kodi as the front end rather than dvblink?
- Do I need to scan each of the tuners separately even if they are all receiving the same feed (eg. I have a quad DVB-T card)? (ie. what happen to tuner groups?)
- If a channel appears multiple times in the Channel visibility list, I assume the channels of same same name are due to the channel being broadcast on multiple transponders or is this different tuners?
- where are settings such as multiple channels per transponder etc like we had on dvblink to maximise tune efficiency?
- If TV Mosaic Plus is activate (its showing as TRIAL with 19 days left), where is the IPTV functionality?
- Is the interface look and feel of Mozaic gong to be improved on Android TV?
- Is a 12 second press before the picture starts to come up using the tvmosaic desktop app expected? Channel switching after then is sub 2 seconds.
- Is there a way of re-numbing some of the channels as some different channels appear with the same channel number (eg. NCTV-Chinese-32, Info-Rotorua-32)?
- I see that both Kodi and SPMC still work when connected to the dvblink server except on port 9270. This is good except exactly the same issues with Kodi are predicatably still there. See;
- Is there commitment to continue working with team Kodi on the the v18 API changes and outstanding issues using Kodi as a client rather than tvmosaic ?
- some of the 576i channels do not fill the screen - there are black borders on top and bottom (I suspect these are 4x3 which I normally have to scale up in Kodi)
- I see quirky timeshift behavior in the tvmosaic client - its not friendly to navigate the TV buffer.
- you can't click on a channel for which there is no guide data (this is on the shield TV with android client)
- the UI on the android TV client looks exactly like the old TVMosaic - so is the fact the new client can't connect to a dvblink an artificial limitation to drive people to the new TVMosaic backend? The UI still looks out of place in the lounge on a 65" TV running Android TV. What exactly are the changes to the TVMosaic client app compared to the older one (other than blocking the access to dvblink)?

thanks a lot.
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Re: various questions with beta.

Post by Oberon » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:13 am

Answering your questions (skipping obvious, open dorr and questions, answered in detail in beta description topic):
- live TV buffer is located in temp directory of user accessible area (c:\programdata\dvblogic\tvmosaic\temp). It is not linked to recording path and can be changed with editing a config file
- server side
- if channel appears multiple times in visibility list it is either present on different/same transponder multiple times or comes from a tuner with different provider
- the look and feel of TVMosaic android app is not planned to change
- 12 seconds is unusually long time. It should be at least the same as in DVBLink. It might sometimes be a bit longer on the first channel after TVMosaic start. I would need a detailed log file to investigate.
- The renumbering interface is not present yet and, probably, will not be available before 1.0 launch
- We will spend reasonable effort to have/keep DVBLink/TVMosaic Kodi addon operational. Under reasonable I mean that we are not going to debug Kodi as often suggested by their devs.
- there is no video scaling interface in TVMosaic and probably will not be implemented
- You can click on the channel itself to have it played (not on the "no information available" guide message

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