IPTV -- Multiple consumers and multiple EPG

TVMosaic live and recorded TV products for Desktop/NAS/Raspbery Pi
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IPTV -- Multiple consumers and multiple EPG

Post by shqiperih » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:52 pm

i am trying out tvmosaic on windows. Great app btw.

I added new tuner, put in xmltv url link (by provider) then proceeded to scan and put in m3u url for the channels. Everything worked perfectly.

First problem:
I added a custom xmltv in the data folder named xmltv.xml, the application sees the xmltv file and the channels inside. when i go to map the new channels of xmltv to the existing channels they seem to map , i hit save howver the epg is not updated . i go back to look and the channels are back to saying default.
How do i make sure that the new mapping are actually saving. Do i need to not include a default EPG?

Second problem:
I looked elsewhere in the forums and someone said that you can put in the same provider in a second tuner thus creating 2 tuners to record or watch 2 shows at once. I did this however i still get the error that there are no tuners available. In monitoring i see one tuner busy and the other not busy with a consumer 1. so how do i make sure to switch to the second tuner while the first is recording? Does it do it automatically, if not what is the right procedure.

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