Missing Channels (UK) (appearing encoded when not)

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Missing Channels (UK) (appearing encoded when not)

Post by garthark » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:16 pm

Hi on FreeSat some channels are missing (Sony crime, Sony crime +1, DMAX +1) now here's the weird thing other software can pick them up AND so can my FreeSat box.
Final weird thing is that other channels on the same frequency are also picked up...

I've tried updating the ini file from kingofsat and that helped find some of the missing channels but these ones are still missing...

Tech stuff:
Windows 10,
using Astra 28.2e Satellite https://en.kingofsat.net/freqs.php?&pos ... ltre=Clear

Edit: Okay found the problem, which is another problem of itself, the channels are appearing encoded in the TVMosaic software (they're not encoded)
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